Our Values - SHIRT FITS


SHIRT is very much the personality of our organisation and it has been created to demonstrate the way we expect our Team Members to behave. We believe that our strong culture is behind our successes. Our values are about “how we do things around here”. It is important that SHIRT is lived through what you do and how you do things.


SHIRT helps us to attract and retain the best people in the business. It is the driver behind our organisation - we strive to be an innovative and supportive culture with a talented and enthusiastic team that generates positive results for our company.


The highest honour at SFG is to be awarded the annual S.H.I.R.T Award.


In summary, our values are:


Service - I’m caring and responsive to our customers, both internal and external

Humility - I value and recognise my colleagues’ equal contribution to SFG’s success. I’m a team player and am modest and approachable

Integrity - I’m honest and ethical in all my work and interactions

Respect - I treat all people with dignity and respect

Trust - I am open and honest when communicating with people




While S.H.I.R.T sets out the values of the organisation, F.I.T.S represents the culture that thrives within it. F.I.T.S is the shared consciousness of the company’s biggest asset - its people which is a reminder that only through collective collaboration can we realise our full potential and together inevitably succeed. We encourage a Fun atmosphere, champion Innovation, nurture Talent and have a Safe, secure and sustainable approach to our work life as we accomplish our mission.


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